What is Too Close? Investigation Reveals People Don’t Know Cell Phone Safety Distances

Posted on December 18 2017

What is Too Close? Investigation Reveals People Don’t Know Cell Phone Safety Distances

How close is safe for you to carry your cell phone? Is this a question you even knew you needed to ask? If the answer is no, then you are not alone. Many consumers don’t realize there are explicit safety warnings typed in the fine-print within the safety manuals that come along with their cell phones.

This safe-distance concern provided the motivation behind the founding of SportPort in that there was a need to protect active cell phone users from the potentially harmful electromagnetic frequency and radiofrequency (EMF-RF) radiation emitted from their phones.

Storing cell phones in sports bras or on-body sport accessories while working out is common-place for people who want to keep their device with them. However, chances are most of these fitness-minded people haven’t read their cell phone manual detailing the recommended safe distance to carry their phone away from their body.

What is the Recommended Safe-Distance for Your Cell Phone?

The recommended distance is based on mandatory government testing and can vary per phone from 5 mm to 15 mm. This information can be confusing and hard to locate depending on the make and model of your phone. In an effort to aid this barrier, SportPort has created a guide, iPhone Safety Guidelines & RF Exposure Information, which allows iPhone users a quick option to determine the recommended distance considered safe to carry their phone. We hope to offer further information and updates to include the safe-distance guidelines for various Android phones, including the newer Samsung Galaxy 7 & Samsung Galaxy 8 that states the body-worn SAR testing has been carried out at a separation distance of 1.5 cm (or 15 mm safe-distance). Stay tuned!

UPDATE as of 10/2017: Find you safe distance for many popular Android cell phone models: Android Cell Phone Safety Guidelines & RF Exposure Information

The significance of SportPort’s foresight on this important health matter was detailed in a recent press release, New Safe Distance Concerns for Cell Phone RF Exposure Credits SportPort Sportswear for Solutions.

Still wondering why this exposure should concern you? As described in a recent CBC article, “Radiofrequency radiation is waves generated by an electromagnetic field that transmit cell phone, radio and other signals. It has enough energy to set atoms vibrating and generate heat in fluids or body tissue but not as much as higher-energy radiation such as X-rays or UV light.” This physical reaction occurs whether you are aware of it or not and the fact that it is potentially harmful to your health should be enough to prompt you to take the cell phone out of your pocket.

Raising awareness on cell phone dangers is central to what drives SportPort, just as is providing a functional alternative for active cell phone storage. In line with this focus, SportPort is recognized as the first luxury athletic apparel company to design products with accessible pockets that offer a properly protective barrier between the user’s body and their cell phone. Not just any blocking or shielding pocket, SportPort products are designed effectively and have undergone Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing by an independent, accredited lab to ensure that their garments minimize the body’s exposure to RF radiation while allowing the phone to function when the phone is stored in the patented pocket. For an athlete who needs safe cell phone storage close to their body, as well as high quality compression and performance fabrics, they now have options thanks to the SportPort product line of athletic sports bras and tops.

Cell phone safety has been coming up in the news more and more recently. The hope is that this focus of concern will continue to raise awareness so people will start handling their devices in accordance to the FCC safety standards. To stay updated on the ongoing research and studies linked to cell phone safety, sign up for the SportPort newsletter.

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