Recipes & Meal Swaps

SportPort™ is focused on health and looking for improvements for healthier lifestyles. Good food and healthy eating habits are at the heart of this active focus. SportPort aims to share a variety of delicious recipes, menu items, meal plan ideas and alternatives to help you attain those healthy living goals and keeping to good taste! For protein and meat-lovers, to vegetarian, vegan and plant-based eaters, we offer nutritional info and calorie counts for our recipes along with a selection of meal swap ideas for many popular favorites. It's your choice. We hope the added Recipes and Meal Swaps section will prove useful and help you on your way to eating well, staying healthy and keeping... SportPort active! Bon Appétit!

Recipes & Meal Swaps

Appetizer Recipes: Party Appetizers All Eaters (Vegan, Vegetarians & Meat-Eaters) Enjoy

Appetizer Recipes: Traditional to Healthy Meal Swaps: Deviled "Eggs" (Stuffed Potato Bites) 3 Recipe Ways

Dessert Recipes: Traditional to Healthy Meal Swaps: Chocolate Mousse 3 Recipe Ways

Green Bean Recipes: Traditional to Healthy Meal Swaps: Green Bean Casserole 3 Recipe Ways

Potato Recipes: Traditional to Healthy Meal Swaps: Mashed Potatoes 3 Recipe Ways

Cookie Recipes: Traditional to Healthy Meal Swaps: Sugar Cookies 3 Recipe Ways

Misc & General Recipes: Plant-Strong Meal Tips, Ideas & Tasty Vegan Recipes

We are regularly researching and cooking in our kitchens, looking for swaps and changes for all sorts of recipes, so ask us if you are looking for help and we'll find an alternative that might work for you... and others! We'll post those recipes right here.

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