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What's on Sale at SportPort?


At SportPort, we are committed to keeping a business-as-usual ethic during these unprecedented times affecting us all due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Like you, we are having to make some adjustments while remaining focused on our commitment to you, to our community and to our business.

What We Are Doing:

  • Special Sale: EVERYTHING at SportPort is on sale by 50% or MORE. This actually not only helps your wallet but it helps us too. This sale keeps our business going and offers you the ability to buy something new for yourself with the costs now drastically lower. It’s a short-term sale for a long-term gain for everyone. Shop now!
  • Supporting our Community: Our sportswear goods are Made-In-The-USA, stored in a US-based warehouse and also shipped out here in the US. So your purchases, our sales, help to keep these parts of our business working in those US communities.
  • Safe & Social Distancing: All of those who work at SportPort are all still working in full-force. However, we have all taken our jobs home with us so we can better take care of each other and keep working at our jobs. We have cancelled any travel plans for the moment which might delay the delivery of our new products to the shelves. But, please know that we still have some great new safe-distance products coming soon, like our women’s sports jacket with our protective, patented, EMF safe phone pockets … almost ready for the market! We will let you know... soon!
  • We are monitoring new developments so that we can quickly adapt and continue to provide the products you need and give you the best possible experience shopping with us online.

Stay informed, stay safe, stay healthy!

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