Knowledge Base | Timeline Studies for Health & Safety Issues in Cell Phone Use

Find the latest timelines and up-to-date studies & information from the Knowledge Base of articles from SportPort to help support the current known facts about EMF radiation, cell phone safety as relate to human health and safety:

2016: Mercola Offers Information: Latest Radio Frequency Study Adds Credibility to Concerns About Cell Phone Hazards

The Mercola article offers the following information:

  • In 2011, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared the radiation emitted by cell phones and wireless devices a Group 2B “Possible Carcinogen,” based on the available research
  • 72 percent of industry-funded studies failed to discern any biological effect from cell phone radiation exposure, whereas 67 percent of independent studies did find biological effects
  • Most recently, the National Toxicology Program, an interagency research program, based at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences concluded that whole body exposure to cell phone radiation likely caused heart and brain cancer in male rats
  • This large animal study supports the growing body of science showing an association between cell phone radiation and brain tumors

Mercola article and be found at:

2013: EWG Offers: Guide to Safer Cell Phone Use: Executive Summary

The EWG guide suggests that there are more than 4 billion people around the world use cell phones. Because cell phone technology has been around for just two decades, scientists do not yet fully understand long-term health risks from cell phone EMF radiation. But research has prompted serious concerns about exposure to wireless emissions.

EWG notes some of the following studies linked to cell phone radiation:

    • Brain cancer
    • Salivary gland tumors
    • Behavioral problems
    • Migraines and vertigo


The EWG report goes on to say that scientists around the world have associated significantly increased health problems with using cell phones for 10 years or longer. Scientists have known for decades that high doses of the radio frequency EMF radiation emitted by cell phones can penetrate the body, heat tissues, trigger behavioral problems and damage sensitive tissues like the eyeball and testicles. Yet when cell phones went on the market in the 1980s, federal regulators did not require manufacturers to prove they were safe. Some studies raise particular concerns about the impact of cell phone EMF radiation emissions on children. Research scientists showed that under standard conditions of use, twice as much cell phone radiation would penetrate a child’s thinner, softer skull than an adult’s. These results confirm earlier findings that children’s heads absorb more radiofrequency radiation than adults.

EWG report can be found at: