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SportPort™ Testimonials

We love to hear from our customers! Here are a few of the many testimonials we receive about our products. If you’d like to submit a testimonial of your own, please use our contact form and state Testimonial Submission within the content of your text.

“What a GREAT bra!…”

I am a 2:50 marathoner and a Mom to a 3 year old so I run a lot of miles solo. I never liked having my phone near my heart (in other bras) and was so thrilled to find your product!! My phone stays put so I can listen to podcasts and have my phone near me without worries. I forget the phone is there thanks to my SportPort Active bra. I purchased my first SportPort bra from Charlotte Running Co and was thrilled to find your website. Going to order another bra now (with a gaiter!). My first sport port active bra has held up great for over a year. Thanks for creating this line! Sincerely ~ Alice

“The pocket on my SportPort is a lifesaver!…”

I LOVE the pocket on my SportPort sports bra. On all my other gym clothes I feel like the pockets either don’t hold my stuff or they are in awkward locations. The pocket on my SportPort is a lifesaver – perfect location so nothing is in my way, it holds everything securely, and my stuff is right there when I need it! Thank you SportPort!

“Super comfortable and fits my iPhone perfectly!…”

I absolutely love my SportPort sports bra! It is super comfortable and fits my iPhone perfectly! I have spent so much money on sports bra’s over the years as I grew up playing sports since I was 5. I have to admit, I was extremely impressed with this brand as it is functional, comfortable, and cute! The material is light-weight and breathable which is a must for me when buying sports bras. There is absolutely nothing I hate about my bra and I will definitely be coming back for more! ~ Sam

“Great fit, moved with me, didn’t ride up…”

A quick note to let you know I LOVE my new SportPort top!! I wore it this morning for my 40 minute body sculpting/light cardio workout and it was amazing! Great fit, moved with me, didn’t ride up as many other racer back tops have. This top is THE BEST I’ve every worn, and I’ve tried all kinds. Now I need to order the bra to wear under my tunic when I travel so I can have my phone and room key in the pouch. ~ Mindy

“The best sports compression bra I’ve ever owned…”

My Sportport™ compression sports bra is the best sports bra I have ever owned. I’m a small B cup but have pretty broad shoulders and the sports bra keeps everything tight without pinching or rubbing my skin. I love high intensity workouts and this bra is perfect for that. I have always placed my phone in my bra while working out even when I didn’t have a designated space for it. Now that I have the Sportport™ with the built in pocket for my phone I never have to stop working out to adjust my phone. My workouts are more productive and I feel more confident knowing I don’t have to worry if people are watching me fish my phone out of my bra. The material is super soft and breathes really well while sweating. I would recommend the Sportport™ bra to everyone.  ~ Colleen Graves, Metro Fitness CLT

“Great support for interval training…”

I love my Sportport Apex athletic bras and wear them every morning when I run or walk. The pocket for my phone allows me to take both my dogs with me on my routes! The bra fits perfectly and is great support for interval training as well. The cut and colors are very flattering and I plan to order a couple tanks! ~ Melissa