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SportPort™ is Women's Sportswear Made in the USA

Athletes know that quality compression sportswear apparel can be key to successful performance. As an example, most athletes won't run a competitive marathon in a pair of cheaply priced, low quality sneakers. Why you shouldn’t goes way beyond the problems or discomfort of running in shoddy shoes. Here’s why SportPort™ is made in the USA and why shopping local products supports a bigger cause!

For The People

Fitness apparel and compression sportswear products made in America are created by employees in clean and safe working environments while earning a fair wage, unlike many other manufacturing countries who seem to tolerate the exploitation of their workers, including children, in unsafe conditions for low pay.

For Our World

Manufacturing facilities in the U.S. have to adhere to strict regulations to protect the people and the environment. Such regulations do not exist in some of the top manufacturing companies found in other countries abroad, thus contributing to vast pollution and unhealthy communities affecting us all.

For Sustainability

American companies tend to have a social consciousness that extends beyond their company and incorporate recycled materials into manufacturing their quality products. With these materials already available within our country, companies can keep every aspect of their business within the U.S.

For Quality Compression Sportswear Apparel

"Made in the USA" products are known for their craftsmanship. There is a certain American dedication to creating a superior product that will not only perform well, but will have longevity. Several years of product development was done before Kim Highfield, CEO and owner of SportPort™, was satisfied that she had created top of the line, premium quality compression sports apparel. That type of dedication shows in a product over time. Are we really saving money if we buy a sportswear top for twenty dollars when after the first wash it’s shrunk, faded, shows wear, or has a tear in the seam?

For Our Neighbors

To increase the job availability in the U.S.A., we need to keep jobs in the country. By outsourcing our consumer needs to other countries, we take jobs away from our fellow Americans.

Often our focus in shopping is short-term and very self-specific, driven by getting the best price on the product we want. If we can change our focus to reflect the real issues then those impulsive purchases may not seem like such a good idea after all. Consider knowing that your shopping habits might affect us all. And, maybe next time you’re ready to buy new sportswear apparel you will know where to find those Made in USA labels.

shop sportport womens activewear