About Us | Founder & Team

Founder Kim Highfield

  A dedicated athlete and health minded founder, Kim Highfield realized there was something missing in the athletic apparel world. She noticed that with the increased attention on wearable technology, people were using their cell phones while exercising. Her concern for the health of athletes exposing themselves to prolonged periods of cell phone usage inspired an idea. As a result, SportPort™ was born, incorporating high performance, patented technology into athletic apparel. Several years were devoted to research, technology development, and on-athlete product trials before the first products were launched in 2015. "When I started to become aware of the risks cell phones pose when placed against the body, especially soft tissue, I realized a true need in Women’s athletic apparel, the need for a cell phone pocket that would both function for convenience and protect our bodies from harmful EMF radiation. Although the health concern is what motivated my vision for the company, I’m also an athlete and didn’t want to create just any sports bra. I aimed to create the best compression sports bra available that would be supportive and comfortable enough for everyday use, but high-performance and functional for even the toughest workout of a pro-athlete." 

Product Development & Design

Our design team draws inspiration from their own athletic experiences and can envision what modern athletes want and need in their performance clothing. With expertise in compression apparel engineering, our lead designer puts her knowledge into each garment design. The team collaboratively has extensive backgrounds in high-end design, luxury product development and wearable technology, their sportswear designs reflect ultra-current fashion trends and well-designed storage. SportPort™ is fortunate to have a team of who understands knit compression fabrics and performance materials so they can create the best quality athletic garments available. 


A commitment of SportPort™ is to produce athletic apparel made solely in the United States. Having our manufacturing facilities close to home allows us to maintain strict quality control. We benefit as well from using companies with solid reputations in producing reliable and consistent athletic garments to ensure our apparel meets our customers’ expectations.

Garment Technology

With the knowledge and skill of our engineers and scientists, SportPort™ patented technology was developed and withstood rigorous testing by an independent accredited lab to ensure that the protective shielding benefits will help protect the wearer.

The Athlete

Everyone on our team has their own athletic niche to help fuel our creative visions. With long-distance runners, skiers, endurance cyclists, fencers, gym warriors, hikers, yogis and even mixed martial artists contributing, they help ensure that we are meeting the needs of female athletes.