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Frequently Asked Questions: SportPort™ High-Performance Activewear

What is high-performance compression clothing and compression sportswear?

High-performance technical compression apparel uses highly researched technical knits and compression fabrics that have multifaceted purposes, including zoned compression to increase blood flow, targeted ventilation to keep you cool, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry, anti-odor material to keep you fresh and anti-chafe cloth and stitching to keep you comfortable. SportPort™ Garment Technology is based on years of research developing premium high-performance gear that includes ultra-soft, lightweight technical knit and 2-ply thin mesh fabrics with flat-lock stitching in order to successfully perform all the functions above and more.

What makes SportPort™ technical & compression clothing unique?

The extensive research, science, and design of SportPort™ technical compression gear makes for the best quality and performance in a great look for women’s sports apparel. In addition, SportPort™ offers features specific to the athlete.

SportPort™ Benefits

  • 4-way compression for increased blood flow and custom fit.
  • Moisture-wicking.
  • Anti-chafe, flat-lock stitching.
  • Targeted ventilation and temperature control technical fabrics.
  • Ultra-light, soft technical knit fabrics and 2-ply thin mesh.
  • Anti-odor.
  • Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50

SportPort™ Features

  • Proprietary shielding: EMF protected cell phone storage.
  • Strategically placed pockets for accessibility.

What is EMF protection and why do I need it?

We live in an invisible sea of electromagnetic field radiation. Subtle energies constantly swirl in and around our bodies, whether or not we are aware of them. Cell phones have been listed as a possible carcinogen because of their EMF emissions. SportPort™ developed a patented technology system which incorporates proprietary protection, creating a barrier between the user and the cell phone. SportPort™ technical gear is designed for cell phone storage while reducing your exposure to EMF.

How does the cell phone pocket protect against radiation?

SportPort™ developed a patented technology system which incorporates proprietary protection that helps protect the user from potentially harmful Electromagnetic Fields or Frequencies (EMF) that is emitted from cell phones. All of our products have been tested and approved by an accredited lab to ensure added safety, as well as superior performance. SportPort™ Patented Technology is designed and engineered to create a cellular system which shields against potentially harmful emissions.

How does an athlete benefit from wearing compression gear?

  • Increased circulation.
  • Less muscle fatigue.
  • Posture support.
  • Enhanced performance, power, and agility.
  • Rapid recovery.
  • Reduced soreness.

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SportPort™ Sizing & Color

How do I know what size to buy of SportPort™?

All of our products having a sizing chart. Click the sizing chart button below the price on each of our product pages.

Are online pictures true to color?

Yes, the vibrant anti-fade SportPort™ colors are the same online as they are in person.

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SportPort™ Fit, Function, & Features

What type of fit should I expect from SportPort™?

The SportPort™ incorporates fashion-forward design using innovative fabric technology for a contoured, body-slimming compression fit for all body types.

Will the tight-fit restrict my movement?

No. The 4-way stretch compression moves the same way you do with lightweight, ultra-soft, technical knit fabrics for increased performance and agility.

How do tops and pants stay in place while I’m exercising?

Compression 4-way stretch allows SportPort™ technical fabrics to form to the body like a second skin, while the premium quality technical knits dissipate moisture and keep the body cool for a dry, no-slip, no-chafe fit.

Will SportPort™ clothes cause chafing?

No. INVISTA’s LYCRA® SPORT fabric is designed to give you full range of motion while staying in place to prevent chafing.

Is SportPort™ gear all-season?

Yes, SportPort™ products offer temperature control technical fabrics that will keep you dry, even when layered under other gear.

Does SportPort™ sports apparel offer sun protection?

Yes. SportPort™ designs and constructs fabrics to achieve a balance between high UV protection, comfort, and durability. Based on this scale, SportPort™ has achieved a UPF rating of 50+.

Are there any added pockets for phone, key, or personal fuel storage?

Pockets are specific to each product, some will have space to carry all sorts of personal and protective items, however, check for features on individual product pages for specific details.

How secure is the cell phone pocket?

The interior pocket is constructed of Elastin netting made from INVISTA LYCRA® fiber that has stretch and excellent recovery to ensure a more custom fit for your phone. Tested and approved by athletes, SportPort™ is the first technical gear to offer 4-way compression stabilization to keep your mobile device secure and accessible while active.

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Wearing SportPort™

When should I wear SportPort™?

Engineered for a wide range of workouts, from high impact running to low impact yoga, SportPort™ technical gear and compression sports apparel is functional and beneficial for almost any activity, while still beautifully tailored to enhance all body shapes and sizes.
Wearing SportPort™ compression clothing after intense exercise can aid in recovery.
NOTE: SportPort™ products with proprietary shielding should not be worn in salt water or chlorinated water.

Do I need high performance clothing if I’m not a professional athlete?

Technical gear and compression sports apparel are beneficial to anyone who exercises.

Are SportPort™ pants designed to wear with underwear or without?

SportPort™ pants can be worn with or without undergarments.

Can I swim in my SportPort™ technical gear?

SportPort™ products are ideal for freshwater sports. Technical gear with SportPort™ proprietary shielding should not be worn in saltwater or chlorinated water.

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SportPort™ Wash & Care

How should I care for my SportPort™ technical gear?

Hand wash only with mild detergent and hang dry to maintain the integrity of your gear and to ensure the protection of proprietary shielding. Please do not use bleach or a dryer on your SportPort™ selections.

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